Advantages of Instant Cash Advance

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A cash advance is a financial tool that is indispensable for consumers who are caught unawares by an emergency or any other unforeseen or unforeseeable event. This is because a cash advance is a short term loan in proportion to the regular income of a consumer and payable on easy installments usually completed within a month or two from approval. This article will discuss just a few of the many advantages of instant cash advance. You can read more about the advantages in the following sections.

Instant Cash Advance: Instant Liquidity

This particular brand of cash payment provides for same day processing and take out which usually lasts less than 1 hour (30 minutes in most cases). In other words you are given an instant boost in liquid cash worth $100 to $500 within an hour from application. All this is conducted by professional but friendly staff.

Instant Privacy

Taking out a loan requires the applicant to provide personal and/or financial information. This can be sent via fax or online. Based on the confidentiality agreement found on the provider’s website, any information transmitted through Instant cash payment during the application process is kept in a secured facility, transmitted through secured online portals using the best and newest encryption technology, kept only for so long as required. And information is never sold to third party providers.

Instant Competitive and Transparent Rates

Interest rates of payday loans are higher than most type of loans. However this does not mean that it should be unconscionable. Instant cash payment advertises not only competitive rates in accordance with the payment period and loan amount but also transparent rates that are 100% disclosed.

Minimal Requirements

All it takes to take out a loan from Instant cash advance: is to meet the minimal application requirement (i.e. US citizenship, of legal age, bank account information, regular employment). These information can be transmitted through a fax less system online. the amount can even be sent to any consumer bank account of choice.

Instant Payday Loans

Based on Instant cash advance’s website content a typical transaction means if Mr. A goes to Instant for a payday loan payday he will only be required to show one or two valid identification cards, proof of income and then wait only 30 minutes for the loan to be approved and then amount credited to his account of choice. All this at the comfort of his own home.

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