How to Use Debt Consolidation Loans to Clear Your Credit History

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It’s hard to not understand the significance of a credit report. When you are attempting to obtain a house or get credit for any reason, your credit score will decide if you are going to get the cash that you want or whether you are going to get turned down. Fixing your credit report is (read on...)

How to Know If You Need Credit Repair

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Back in the day we were probably very excited about our firsts: credit card, apartment, car. We were grown up and able to carefully manage our money. In a period of time, we began to make more money, got more credit cards, maybe a house with a mortgage. We might have started to believe that we (read on...)

Common Debts That Are Discharged by Bankruptcy

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Under the federal bankruptcy code individuals can discharge consumer debt in bankruptcy which allows them to start fresh. Filing for bankruptcy puts into effect the “automatic stay.” The automatic stay immediately stops your creditors from trying to collect what you owe them. When you (read on...)

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