Bad Credit Repair Advice – 3 Recommended Strategies to Fix Your Credit Fast

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Bad credit repair advice is pretty commonplace across the Internet. I am sure you’ve probably seen dozens of websites offering “50 Quick Credit Repair Tactics” or “101 Ways To Fix Your Credit” reports floating around the web. They may be helpful and accurate, but in the end, they have the tendency to overwhelm someone who is new to credit repair.

The truth is, you need to start with the basics before attempting any advanced credit repair techniques on your own. In this article, I want to show you 3 simple strategies you can use now and in the future to fix your credit report and build your score.

1. Keep Getting New Updated Copies Of Your Credit Report

If you have done any research up to this point, you are probably already aware that you can get a free copy of your credit file from annualcreditreport every 12 months. By law, the 3 top credit reporting agencies – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian – are required to provide you one.

But don’t stop there. As you continue to rebuild your credit history, get additional updated copies of your report so you can follow your own progress – even if you have to pay a service. Knowing where you stand is always vital to your success.

2. Talk With Your Creditors Too

The best bad credit repair advice I can give is to negotiate wisely. As you continue to dispute entries in your credit report with the big 3 reporting agencies, don’t forget to cut out the middleman and simply talk with your creditors yourself. Oftentimes, you can negotiate huge discounted payoffs and get proof to send the credit reporting agencies that you need. This one step can speed things up tremendously.

3. Keep Rebuilding Your Credit…Always

Don’t blindly cut up credit cards or close open accounts. Pay them down over time. Be consistent. Stability is what creditors look for when approving loans. Wild, drastic changes in the management of your finances will tend to raise red flags and scare off potential lenders.

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