Bankruptcy Basics: Hiring the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

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The bankruptcy process is difficult and draining, emotionally, financially, and physically. However, if your financial situation has truly hit rock bottom, you may find sanctuary in the bankruptcy process. After all, the bankruptcy code was developed to be a safe haven for those who face unbearable financial hardship.

We’ve created this article to cover the basics on how to hire the right bankruptcy attorney for your needs. Whether you choose to use our services or the services of another bankruptcy attorney, make sure you consider your potential hire in light of these categories. You deserve the best representation and experience when you go to court. We want to help you in getting it!

Get On the Same Page

It is so essential that your bankruptcy attorney be on the same page with you. Sometimes we’ll talk to clients who have had frustrations with attorneys in the past. More often than not, if the trouble isn’t financial, it’s related to communication. If your attorney doesn’t understand your goals and share your objective, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Make sure you have a clear conversation about your intentions upfront before you hire your bankruptcy attorney.

What Are Others Saying?

The Internet provides a wealth of information to you as a consumer. Take this article, for example! If you’re looking to hire a particular bankruptcy attorney, there should almost always be a good amount of information about this person online. Read up on their history, past cases, and what clients have said. You wouldn’t purchase a car, or enroll in a school without hearing what others have to say; why hire a bankruptcy attorney with no insider knowledge?

Professional Contacts

If you’re a business professional, you probably know the powers of networking. Well, lawyers network, too. Depending on your budget and how big your case is, it might be worth it to pay a little extra for someone who is highly connected with the legal and political resources in your area. If you can afford to get someone who’s been around the block a few times, then do it! The bankruptcy process can have many different outcomes depending on who you know.

The Money Line

Lastly, before you hire your bankruptcy attorney, you want to know what kind of fees you’re looking at. If money is never talked about, or is frequently discussed in rather hazy terms, be cautious. Your bankruptcy attorney should be upfront and forthright about how much he’s charging and how he’s charging. Always ask questions before you commit!

Keep these things in mind before you make your big hire, and you may find the bankruptcy process to be much more peaceful than you would have thought possible! When you hire the right bankruptcy attorney, you aren’t just hiring talent, you’re hiring peace of mind.

The Cimino & Benham law firm aims to help local residents resolve their debt issues and achieve a financially healthy future. They provide high quality legal representation that helps lower monthly debt payments, stop wage garnishment,prevent foreclosures and repossessions, and stop calls from creditors. The Cimino & Benham bankruptcy lawyers in Denver have many years of experience in all aspects of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

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