Car Title Loan: High Interest For A Reason

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Interest rates are keeping all kinds of debt on a collision course with everyday budgets.

If we all could spend cash only, this world would not be in such debt. The interest rates on money borrowed stretches the limits for balance amount and payoff longevity. The longer it takes you to pay off the debt, the more money you owe. Lending money is a business and you will pay for the service provided.

Banks tend to be very selective. Whether or not it is a secure or unsecured loan, a bank will investigate an applicant’s credit history thoroughly. The risk behind lending to someone without good history increases and banks will quickly turn an applicant down on risk alone. Income, what you are using the money for, how long it will take you to pay it back, and what other debt you have concerns loan officers as well. If the application is for a secured loan, the value of the property determines the amount you can borrow. Banks will repossess property, charge fees for defaults and will continue to collect revenue on the interest until your balance is paid in full. Collections agencies, liens and possible court judgment are all final attempts to collect on money owed.

Similar to banks:

Private investors will have similar loan procedures as banks with a bit more flexibility to adjust to personal circumstance. Interest, default fees and in some instances loan fees will be attached to your loan keeping the balance slowly moving downward over a lengthy period of time.

Credit cards use your credit history to approve or deny applications. It is also used to determine the amount of interest you will pay on your open balances. A high credit score will provide increased balances at lower rates.

Credit scores are a big concern to most lenders. It is how lenders can determine what kind relationship you have with your money. Do you manage payments well? Is there evidence of past loans paid? If you had a financial struggle, where you able to bounce back? Do you spread your income too thin, making new credit a higher risk? Lenders will investigate before they trust you with their money.

Car title loans do not use your credit score in determining your loan approval status. The vehicle is what matters. Auto title loans are secured loans. The title of your vehicle will get you a percentage of the value of the vehicle. Interest levels are extremely high as compared to other lenders. Someone who uses a car title loan for fast money will be paying these high rates for a service that no one else will perform. Bad credit will cost you, Low credit scores prove that you are a high risk customer and that will cost extra. The idea that car title loan companies are after your vehicle is misleading. The company wants to get their money back and if repossessing your car is the way to get it back, then the title loan company is no different than a bank in this manner.

Deciding to go with an auto title loan company is ultimately the customer’s decision. The contract clearly states when the money is expected to be returned and what charges will accrue if the terms of the loan change. Responsible borrowing goes hand in hand with responsible lending. There are plenty of car title loan lenders to choose from, so signing on with a company who seems pushy or unwilling to answer questions clearly is unnecessary. Shop around and look for diamonds in the rough. Making rush decisions with lenders could backfire on you after you get the money. When you decide to sign the contract know everything about the debt you are promising to pay back.

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