Credit Card Lawsuit Tips: Dealing With a Collection Company The Smart Way

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No one likes it when rude collection agents come knocking on the door to collect the money and no one likes to wake up and receive a summons for unpaid credit card debts. Unfortunately, hundreds of people across the country are neck deep in credit debt and with the looming economy; it seems there’s no way getting out of a this situation than to work with your creditor to resolve the problem.

Dealing with a debt collector is not easy. Therefore, we have compiled several tips that will help you avoid a possible credit card lawsuit and resolve the issue with your creditor:

Keep Everything in Record

You can’t expect your creditor or the junk debt buyer to stick to the agreement so make sure you keep everything in writing and keep a good record of all communication with the other party. Made special note if you came across an abusive or rude collector who showed unprofessionalism when collecting the debt. This could be useful when you file a complaint against that person for violating your rights.

Talk To The Manager

Don’t waste your breath talking to a mere representative and go straight to his manager. If you haven’t received any results from talking to the manager, you can file a complaint against that agency as well as a report to the Federal Trade Commission for unnecessary, unprofessional behavior.

Don’t Ignore The Debt Collector

No matter how tempting it is, don’t ignore the debt collector because they are counting on it. Besides, problems won’t go away if you ignore them. However, do not subject yourself to abusive behavior and threatening phone calls either. It’s best to talk to your creditor in writing only. This way, you won’t be vulnerable to threats, abuse and you won’t be talked down into paying the money without due process.

The worst thing you can do is to ignore the summons because this is exactly what the creditor or junk debt buyer expects. They want you to ignore the summons so they can win the credit card lawsuit by default, allowing them to obtain your money straight from your bank account or through wage garnishment and property liens. Apart from your savings being sucked dry by the junk debt buyer, you will also be ordered to pay for their legal costs so it is best to answer the summons, face the credit card lawsuit head on rather than simply ignoring the problem and letting your creditor get an easy win.

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