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You are definitely going to lose sleep over your debt. When you feel that gloomy little rain cloud hovering over your head it is hard to shake your anxieties. Debt is not a fun thing to deal with. What is worse is when your debt is so far gone that you eventually need to settle for foreclosure or bankruptcy. Hopefully you will not ever have to reach that point but if you feel the see-saw tipping in that direction you should consider a few important tips.

It may be pretty clear that the first step is to stop increasing your debt but you would be amazed how easy a compulsion it is to use your cards. You think that, well, necessities are necessities and you need to keep using your credit to pay for things when you’re low on cash. Just say no to plastic. It is your frenemy. If you add to your overall total it will be tougher and tougher to stop bad spending habits, which ultimately are the root of your problems (medical emergencies and unforseen circumstances aside). You can take a step toward the light when you close accounts. Take any cards with low balances and try to pay those off first or have the balances transferred to another account. Then cut up the card and call to close it. Your credit score will go up if you have smaller outstanding debt and it will uphold better if you’re ever going to file for bankruptcy in court. Whatever remaining accounts you have, try paying more than the minimum each month.

If you find yourself sinking and you know that even your efforts seem in vain, consult a bankruptcy lawyer for professional opinions. You do not want creditors to be crawling up your spine and hissing in your ears for the money. You should not feel threatened. Instead, with professional help you can strike some balance. Bankruptcy lawyers know under what laws, chapter 7 or 13, you should file and how to approach it. With a professional’s help, when the court makes a decision to liquify funds you could even have potentially saved your home from foreclosure.

So, hopefully you can find some peace in your seemingly restless nights spent worrying about unpaid bills. There is definitely time for you to gather your assets and figure out a strategy to cope with your costs. Even in what seems like dark times you can receive help from outside sources.

The Law Offices of Adam C. Gomerman specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 law. Our NY bankruptcy lawyers have years of experience dealing with bankruptcy and loan modification help.

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