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How many times have you heard people say that they would like to do this or that, go here and there, or buy something, but they simply cannot do so, and the reason for this is always the same?

This reason hardly ever varies, and this reason is in the main lack of sufficient capital, or to put it into more common parlance, shortage of enough cash.

Many people look at their neighbours, friends or work mates and wonder how they manage to afford all the expensive holidays, up market cars, their fancy fitted bedroom furniture, their frequent home improvements, etc. etc.

When your cousin, who is in the same employment as yourself, earning a very similar salary, decided at a moment’s notice to fly to Australia to visit his daughter and to spend six weeks touring the country and staying in four and five star hotels, you were completely taken aback that he had the funds necessary to pay for this extremely costly vacation.

You had the same feelings when your next door neighbors treated themselves to a luxurious five berth motorhome, and took a month off work to go on a trip to several European countries and had plans for having a very enjoyable time such as dining in a number of top class restaurants in Paris, Rome and Madrid, as well as taking in a couple of operas in Verona, and in the world renowned San Carlo Theatre in the bustling Southern Italian city of Naples.

When in Spain, they were looking forward to a few bull fights, and when visiting Venice, they intended to leave the sanctuary of their travelling home on wheels and spend two nights wondering at all the marvels of this city of canals and to stay in the Hotel Danieli which is one of the most elegant abodes in the entire world.

This all seemed very strange to you, as all these things do not come cheap.

However your surprise and amazement were badly misplaced, as your neighbours and cousin had done something to raise this money, just as you yourself can, and that is by using your status as a homeowner to arrange either a secured loan or remortgage to raise the required funds that can be used for almost any purpose.

These secured loans and remortgages work by using the equity on a property to release money for cars, holidays, home improvements school fees, debt consolidation

As you bought your house about twelve years ago for £160,00 with a £100,000 mortgage and it is now worth in the region of £255,000, you have one hundred and fifty thousand pounds of equity as it is the difference between the property value and the mortgage balance.

Therefore you too are in the fortunate position of being able to take out a secured loan or remortgage to enable you to achieve everything you want.

Champion Finance are one of the main secured loans brokers in the UK, and have been arranging homeowner loans since 1985. They also arrange remortgages and mortgages from the entire mortgage market. Every debt solution is also available to help those in debt to become debt free.

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