Filing Bankruptcy Is a Reasonable Option in a Down Economy

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Many people these days find themselves contemplating filing bankruptcy. Well they certainly are not alone. As it stands more than million people will file bankruptcy this year alone, and there are a lot more people that are in a situation where they should seriously consider it. While it is true that no one really wants to have to file for bankruptcy, there are numerous honest reasons why an individual or family may need to eliminate debt that has become too overwhelming to deal with.

In this down economy unemployment remains at all time highs or hours are severely cut back putting people in a situation where their paychecks are just spread too thin between paydays. Maybe individuals do not get paid in a timely fashion due to the economic woes of the country. We have all experienced the effects of ever increasing inflation, high fuel prices, skyrocketing utilities, the rising cost of health care and health insurance, etc. Divorce is a leading reason for bankruptcy as well. The question here is, is the divorce a byproduct of financial strain or is it the cause of financial strain leading to the bankruptcy? In either case the end result is the same, families in financial ruins. Some people may need to file bankruptcy due to a medical illness or unforeseen tragedy such as the death of the breadwinner. Many individuals have also been affected by the real estate decline. Individuals who purchased homes from predatory lenders thinking that they could afford the expensive home now and sell it later when the loan adjusts if they could not afford it then, are now left out in the cold so to speak as the home values across the country continue to plummet. Many Americans are upside down on their mortgage and owe more on the home than it is worth. The bottom line is, any one of these situations can have a devastating impact on someone’s finances.

The good news in all of this is that people do have a way out. Bankruptcy was created by Congress to allow honest hard working Americans a means to legally eliminate crushing debt. These bankruptcy laws were enacted to help people that have experienced unexpected financially disastrous circumstances to gain a fresh start by eliminating debt. People that are facing difficult circumstances and struggling with debt can once again have the hope of a bright financial future. People that are considering filing bankruptcy due to the effects of our struggling economy should begin by seeking the advice of a local experienced bankruptcy attorney to discuss their personal financial situation. Most bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations which will allow the individual the ability to make a knowledgeable and informed decision which can be critical to the stability of their financial future.

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