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Log book loans are loans that are secured by surrendering your vehicle registration certificate. As long as your vehicle is free from finance or at least almost free, you get your loan usually within 24 hrs without any credit checking at all. So, you need not worry about your bad credit ratings and you are also spared from waiting for a long time for the loan to get approved.

Log book loans have undergone several changes over the years and have also been criticized for their high interest rates. This criticism is true for almost all forms of quick loans where the credit checking is done away with. The justification from all such lenders is that the interest rates are par for the risk of default (which is much higher in such quick loans) that the lenders take and the speed of processing and the short term of the loans. Log book loans continue to be taken by a lot of people even today.

Again, more than any other factor, what is important in seeking such log book loans it to choose the right lender. There are several lenders out there who give out such loans and other similar kind of loans but as these log book loans involve vehicles and these lenders have full rights to take away your vehicle for non-repayment, without any court order, you need to be careful in finding the right lender for you.

One of the preferred methods for finding the right lender is to ask around. Ask those that are around you and it is quite possible that a few of them might have taken log book loans and they will be able to explain their experience. Do not get swayed just by low interest rates. Do some background check and find out the history of the lender. Call them up and discuss with them about your loan needs and what kind of help they can provide you for your needs. Ask for a full set of written terms and conditions and go through it carefully so that you have an exact idea of what you are signing up for.

The time that you go in for quick loans is the time that you are most vulnerable as few lenders try to exploit your financial requirement and that’s why you need to be very careful about this. Once you have chosen the right lender for log book loans, processing and repaying would become much easier than you would expect.

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