Getting the Most From Your Tax Preparer

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Most American taxpayers use the services of a tax preparer to prepare and file their tax return. As these preparers are tax professionals, they are able to file your returns in accordance to the IRS requirements. A good tax preparer is also able to get their clients the most in terms of tax credits, deductions and other tax opportunities. The preparer also provides quality advice and information that can save you more in terms of future taxes.

It is therefore, important that taxpayers get a professional and experienced preparer so as to get the best services. However, besides getting the best preparer, a taxpayer also needs to relate well with the preparer so as to gain the most from the relationship. This is especially the case during tax seasons as most preparers are swamped by work and therefore, the taxpayer who is better prepared is able to get better assistance. Below are some tips to assist taxpayers to get the most from their tax preparers:

  • Be Organized – The information required by tax preparers to file returns is usually the same for most taxpayers. Individual taxpayers will require W-2 forms, 1099 forms, receipts for childcare services, educational related receipts, acknowledgements of donations, PIN numbers of filer, spouse and dependents and previous year’s tax return. Having these documents prepared in advance will enable your preparer better organize and file your returns.
  • Be Respectful – It is also important that the taxpayer is professional and respectful to the preparer so as to get the best service. Some of the tips for being professional include timely response to emails, keeping appointment times, calling only within working hours and use of professional language.
  • Be Honest – It is also important that taxpayers are honest to preparers. The preparer is not the IRS but instead, they assist you to be in compliance to the IRS and other tax authorities. Therefore, if you have any issues, it is advisable to reveal the same to the preparer and have him or her advice you on how to go about the issue. Providing incorrect or incomplete in information intentionally will not solve anything but instead, will only expose the error to the tax authorities.
  • Avoid the Rush Hour – Another tip to getting the most from your preparer is to avoid the April rush hour period and instead have your taxes prepared much earlier in the year. If you are hard pressed of time, it may even be advisable to file for an extension and have your tax returns prepared after the April cut-off. This way, you can get the most from your preparer as the workload is less and the preparer can give more time to filing your returns.

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