Give A Prepaid Credit Card As A Gift

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Trying to find the right type of gift for someone can be a major chore if you have no idea what the person likes or is interested in. Gift cards have rapidly become popular in the past few years because these cards allow people to go to certain stores and purchase what they want, as well as giving the person an option to purchase from their favorite online stores. However, a gift store to a specific company limits what the person can purchase. A prepaid credit card can be gifted to anyone and the person can use the card for many different reasons.

Prepaid credit cards can be purchased at shopping centers, online, or by ordering them through the mail. To make matters easy for the consumer, credit companies allow people to purchase a card that is already for sale for a set amount. Common amounts that are sold in the form of prepaid cards are fifty dollars, one hundred dollars, and two hundred dollars. The transaction fee for purchasing the charge card generally ranges from four to ten dollars per card, depending upon the amount of the card.

These types of credit cards have become so popular that they are often sold in check out aisles at gas stations, grocery stores, department stores, and toy stores. In addition to being available in these locations, prepaid cards can also commonly be purchased at casinos, airports, and major traveling places. This allows people to take advantage of an option other than carrying cash. Carrying cash can be risky. If a person loses his or her wallet and has a lot of cash in the wallet, anyone can find the cash and use it. If a charge card is lost or stolen, the card holder can call the credit card company and have the card canceled.

When a prepaid charge card is canceled due to being lost or stolen, the company will issue a new card to the individual. Sometimes a fee will apply to issue a replacement card, but this is far less expensive than having to replace cash. A prepaid credit card can be a great method of money to use when traveling because these cards can be replaced and sent to the person wherever he or she is if the card is lost while traveling for business or vacation reasons.

When you purchase a prepaid credit card for a friend or family member, the person will be able to use the card for a large number of reasons. If the person has wanted a specific type of cell phone, electronic tablet, video game, or simply wants to have a day at a local spa, the prepaid credit card allows the individual to choose what the card will be spent on. This gives the person receiving the gift nearly unlimited options in how they will spend the money put on the card. He or she can also continue to use the card by adding more money to it once the initial balance has been spent.

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