How Do I Accept Credit Cards By Phone?

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Not accepting credit cards these days can be the difference between making a sale and not. Even those that completely conduct their business online or over the phone can benefit from using a merchant service that allows credit cards rather than being sent a check or cash in the mail. The security features are much more strict and your customers can rely on the security through a reputable merchant service when you have done your research and homework in deciding who to go with.

Telephone processing is a low-cost way to accept credit card for businesses that are either online or on the go such as direct marketing and sales. This is also an affordable option for small business owners that operate their business out of the home. Many stay-at-home moms and dads prefer to use this type of service for the influx of direct sales that is sweeping this country. It is a much more secure option than taking a credit card number on paper. The transaction is done immediately and remains secure for you and your customers.

How does mobile credit card processing work?

This type of processing uses a dialpay merchant account which allows you to accept cards without using any merchant account software or equipment. All you need is any touch tone phone or cell phone. This type of process is much less expensive than most wireless machines. As a business owner you simply dial a toll-free number, enter the information, obtain approval and secure authorization. The sale is completed in seconds and daily transactions are automatically calculated.

These types of transactions are much less expensive because they are not paper-based. There is no need for equipment or costly software. Any business that needs availability of a wireless credit card machine but want to keep costs down can benefit from this type of service.

Accepting cards over the phone is completely secure and most reputable companies offer a built-in fraud protection service as a bonus. If they don’t, I would certainly look into a other merchant services. Good companies that provide this type of service typically offer no application fees or monthly minimum, no annual fees or equipment costs. This type of service is excellent for plumbers or electricians, craft or trade shows and flea markets, or direct sales where most of the selling happens within a home.

Accepting credit cards over the phone or in general is not as expensive as it used to be. It may be worth your while to look into various reputable companies that offer this type of service especially if you plan on expanding your business.

Finding the right merchant service doesn’t have to be difficult. Visit Money Tree Merchant Services for credit card services and accepting cards by phone.

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