How Factoring Companies Can Save Your Small Business Money

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If your small business has outstanding accounts receivable that are crimping your growth, one of the many factoring companies available can help you get the money you are owed. Using a small business factoring company saves you money in the long run and makes sure you get the money you need as soon as possible.

The amount of money, infrastructure, staffing and other businesses expenses required to conduct a thorough and effective accounts receivable department that is also responsible for collections can be enough to bankrupt many small businesses.

Unfortunately, when someone doesn’t pay you for your services or products, getting them to pay up can be a drawn out and expensive process. The first step is finding reliable contact information for the customer or client who hasn’t paid. Since many people are familiar with dodging collections calls, getting in touch with your customer or client can be arduous.

Once you have found a way to get in touch with your indebted customer or client, convincing them to actually pay the amount owed is another tedious process with no guarantees. The less trained your staff is in making accounts receivable and collections calls, the more likely to you are to get your money. However, the cost of training and maintaining staff with these special skills is beyond what most small businesses can sustain.

In situations such as these, and especially if your business is also in need of some quick cash flow, a factoring loan can be your best option. Unlike banks, getting fast small business loans from factoring companies doesn’t depend on your company’s credit score and history.

Instead, factoring companies focus on the accounts receivable that you are selling to them. Regardless of how your business runs, if the people who owe you money are likely to pay up when the right resources are applied, a factoring company can turn a profit – which means they will buy your outstanding dues.

The factoring company will give you most of the money brought in during their work on your outstanding accounts receivable. In fact, factoring companies will give you the money they expect to make up front so you don’t have to wait until your clients actually settle their bill. This not only takes care of your outstanding accounts, it also gives you a quick surge of money that you can use to immediately advance your small business forward.

Of course, to make their time worthwhile and to compensate for their services, factoring companies will withhold a percentage of money brought in from settled accounts. This means you will be getting a little less than is owed to you by your clients and customers but it is worth it for the money you save not having your own collections department.

I’m a small business loan consultant specializing in factoring companies.

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