How to Access Your W-2 Forms for Tax Preparation

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W-2 Forms are given to one from his/her employer or former employer and include the schedule of salaries and wages received and the amount of money deducted and submitted to the tax authorities as payroll taxes. The W-2 form is an important document when preparing tax returns as it contains the main income information for most taxpayers. Therefore, taxpayers may need to wait for these forms before starting to file their tax returns. Below are some tips on how to access the W-2 forms in case you have not received them:

  • Mailed copies – The IRS requires employers to send employees their W-2 forms for a given year by January 31st of the subsequent year. Therefore, employees should receive the W-2 forms no later than the first week of February. Therefore, if it is still early in the year, it may be advisable to wait until the beginning of February before seeking other ways of accessing the W-2 forms.
  • Request Employer – If you have not yet received your W-2 forms by mid-February, you can always request your employer or former employer for a copy. You also need to verify that your employer has your address correctly listed in their records. This is especially necessary for those who have moved to a new residence within the year.
  • Downloadable Versions – Many large corporations and some small and mid size businesses have payroll service providers who provide employees access to their W-2 form in a downloadable version from their website. You can therefore, ask your human resource department whether such a service is available for your company.
  • Tax W-2 Express Service – Many of the tax preparation software also have Tax W-2 Express Service that automatically attaches one’s W-2 forms to the tax return form when preparing returns. This service enables automatic updating of one’s incomes and taxes from the W-2 form when preparing the tax return.
  • Paid Sites Services -There are paid websites that provide taxpayers with a copy of their W-2 form upon paying a small fee. You can therefore access your W-2 forms this way. You however, need to scrutinize these websites well before remitting payment to such a site to avoid being conned in a scheme.
  • Request it from the IRS – Another way of accessing your W-2 form is by contacting the IRS and requesting for a copy of the W-2 Form. You can do this by calling the toll free IRS number and requesting for the form. If the IRS has received the forms from your employer or former employer, they will mail a copy to you.
  • Use Paystubs – If you are still not able to get your W-2 form from the above options, you can still use your paystubs to retrieve information about your incomes and the taxes paid. This is a more burdensome way of preparing your returns, but it should provide you with the same results as having a W-2.

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