How To Avoid Your Return Being Rejected And The Benefits of E-File for Your Taxes

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First off, always make sure you double-check all of your return before you send it. Make a mental checklist in your head of these following things:

Is my address correct?
Are my line entries on my 1040 correct?
Is my Social Security Number correct?
Is my handwriting legible?
Are all my entries filled out to the best of my ability?
Did I sign everywhere I should?
Is the address on the envelope correct?
Do I have proper decimal positions and correct punctuation?
Is this the address I will be at by the time my refund arrives?
Do I have the proper filing status?(Married if married, single if single)
Do I have all the correct dependents listed?

Remember to Double Check These Things Before Sending In Your Return

Both spouses must sign a joint return
All proper forms are together
If you owe money, make your checks payable to the U.S. Treasury, not the IRS.
Make a hard copy for your records
Use plenty of postage!

The IRS Wants You To E-file

These tips may only take a few minutes but can save you weeks of stress by making sure you are filed correctly the first time! This is in regards to both paper mail and electronic tax filing. E-filing your taxes can save you from many common errors because of software’s like Online Tax Pros which will double check for many errors automatically. Qualified tax preparers are standing by to answer your tax questions and they keep current on tax law changes. We can not only save you time, but money from your return by filing with us this tax season! We hope you have a stress-free tax season with a huge refund this year!

a) About half of all taxpayers use paid tax preparers to file their tax returns.

b) Approximately 97% of all returns can now be e-filed.

c) Electronic returns go through an “error check” process. A valuable result of this increased precision is fewer IRS notices resulting from input errors.

d) The IRS acknowledges e-filed returns and extensions with an electronic receipt.

Based on their goal and the facts, IRS has partnered with a list of companies to offer the E-file service for free. There is a growing number of companies that are offering e-file services for free, however, each have certain criteria that has to be met. For example, if the adjusted gross income (AGI) is lower than $57,000, then your e-file is free but you will incur a charge if it is higher. Or some services make the resident state or age part of the criteria as to whether the free file is allowed. These are a few of the differences in the criteria used by the various free-file service providers.

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