How to Choose a Credit Repair Company?

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Let’s face it: the Great Recession has taken its toll on just about everyone. Whether due to job loss, bad investments, or the abysmal housing market, most people have a lot less in their bank accounts than they did five years ago. Worse yet, many credit scores didn’t make it through the storm in very good shape either. That’s why credit repair services are so popular right now. These services can be an excellent avenue to credit score recovery, but be careful. Not all services are as ethical or reliable as others. Here are some things to consider when choosing a company.

Do your research
First, order your credit report and see if you need help. If you do not have a lot of blemishes, it may not be worth the time and expense to hire a credit repair company. If you do decide, research thoroughly, asking for brochures, and perusing websites. Try to nail down specifics about pricing, services offered, etc.

Beware of unrealistic claims
If a company claims it can raise your Fico score large amounts in a small time, run away. The truth is it takes time to raise your scores. Likewise, don’t believe anyone who tells you that once your credit is fixed you will never need to worry about it again. Keeping a good credit score requires vigilantly monitoring your credit reports regularly.

Look for real people
It can be very frustrating when you have questions and no one to answer them. If a credit repair company does not have live customer care representatives, it is not worth considering. Some sites offer educational products in the guise of credit repair services, so carefully determine what you are really paying for. Although educational products might be helpful, the idea of using a credit company is that their representatives are able to work more effectively with credit reporting agencies. In fact, most agencies ignore the first request to dispute a negative item unless a credit repair representative (especially an attorney) makes the request.

Avoid hidden costs or other fine print
This is where it pays to do your research. Look carefully at all literature and ask specific questions before signing everything. Be certain that the prices quoted are the only costs. Also be certain that the terms of the contract are what you expected.

Don’t get left on your own at the end
Avoid any service that doesn’t offer support in maintaining your new credit score. Without support, you could end up in need of credit repair again.

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