How To – Fixing a Bad Credit Report

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Clean Up your Credit Score in a Month.

There are a lot of Credit Repair companies out there not happy that we are revealing their secrets on fixing a bad credit report. These companies are charging big money and only doing an average job of fixing a bad credit report in a lot of cases.

There is also the problem of the debt collection agents thinking they can send you a couple of letters and threats to wipe out you future financially knowing that a large percentage of people just roll over and loose everything.

This can be changed very easily if you are armed with the right information and have a determined positive attitude and follow some simple steps.

Some of the step required in fixing a bad credit report are to get the 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 day late payment reports removed from your file. There are ways of doing this almost overnight.

To fix a bad credit report you will need to get harmful inquiries removed and get the off quickly so you can move on in life.

You will also need the knowledge of how to stop the harassing collection phone calls that are made to make you feel uncomfortable and intimidated.

There are also little know techniques to get medical accounts deleted from your record to further improve your possibility on fixing a bad credit report.

There are some very simple steps that can be implemented to negotiate with creditors to pay pennies on the dollar to clear existing debts.

If you are facing foreclosure there is a process that can stop this from happening however start taking steps sooner rather than later, get into action now, don’t wait for the sheriff to knock on the door, it’s too late then.

There are some simple easy to do steps in resolving all these problems however the one thing most people fail to do and that is take action and blame everyone and everything else for their position.

Another issue that needs to be dealt with is not getting into the same position again; to fix a bad credit report and then get back into default is pure insanity. One of the steps in fixing a bad credit report is monitoring your spending much closer or putting an easy to follow program in place so that you can keep track of income, expenses and bill payments with out lifting a finger.

Once all these items are back under control there are some simple processes that can be implemented to double a credit card limit with just a phone call and how to get a credit card with low to zero interest rate.

Anyone can put these simple to implement methods for fixing a bad credit report in place and change their credit score within days. When we first released this information people were contacting us in days with their success stories. Its great to hear from people that have removed late pays in a phone call and had inquiries wiped out in minutes.

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