How to Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Costs and Increase Your Profits Without Being Solicited To

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Are you an existing business owner that accepts payment for your goods or services with the use of a credit card? Are you totally happy with your current provider and your level of understanding regarding the rates and miscellaneous fees that you are being charged? Maybe you’re a new business starting your search for a service that will help you out with the “privilege” of accepting credit cards. Do you find it all to be thoroughly confusing? Do you even open your statements and try to figure out all the fees and charges? Congress is working on some things that may help in the future but, why wait on them?

Okay, here’s the deal! If you do a search on Google for “credit card processing” or anything similar, you will come up with tons of options. Try it for yourself and see what I mean. When you click on any of them, they are all touting their “deal” and are going to do anything they can do to attract your business. The problem is that each and every one of them is attempting to sell you on doing business with them. Unfortunately, many (but not all) will incorporate some devious methods to lure you in and many, I’m sad to say, will be successful.

So who am I and why should you trust me? Let me just say that I am a very successful, now retired, 61 year old merchant services rep. I really have no desire to solicit your merchant account as I am kept pretty busy with my existing clientele. My success has been attributed to always taking the time to educate my merchants and to provide only the services they need, fairly priced, and nothing more. While I was in the field, I was constantly amazed at how little business owners really knew about how this industry works. Consequently, many, I found were paying a lot more than was really necessary and the majority of them, hardly ever even tried to decipher their statements any longer. So, since I retired, I decided to do something about it and, might I add, to the great dissatisfaction to most reps in the industry. Simply this….take the time to GET EDUCATED!

It’s difficult to find out all that you need to completely understand the credit card processing business and how it affects you. It’s not that it’s impossible, of course, just time consuming. Now, more than ever, it is crucial for you to take the time to get educated. If you would just be diligent and really search, you’ll be able to find that it’s not all that complicated…it’s just something you’re not familiar with. Spend an hour or so digging and it will be one of the easiest ways to drive more profits to your bottom line.

Michael Saum is a 61 year old retired merchant services rep. I no longer solicit new business from merchants but have created a comprehensive eBook on the topic of credit card processing that will be an invaluable tool for any business owner that accepts credit cards for the payment of goods and services. You won’t find this kind of information posted on any sites that are attempting to sell you their services….for obvious reasons. You can check it out for yourself by visiting my site at

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