I See Conspiracies Everywhere – Greek Debt Crisis Latest Victim

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What happens to people when they see conspiracies everywhere? They usually get labeled a conspirator. I have become so cynical that truth often has a hard time penetrating my armoured cynical brain. My brain feeds off news services and these are fed to me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am addicted to news and yet believe so little of it. I am always looking to see what is behind that which I am being told.

This constant search for truth has become so addictive that it should be called “news dis-ease” and I know that today there are many, many people in this world who have fallen mentally ill from listening to all the spin and lies that pollutes our information highway of today. Hope, when constantly destroyed, slowly kills ambition and joy.

News dis-ease causes enormous frustration among those who realise the truth; it makes them lose hope and ambition and is partly responsible for so much depression in our societies today.

So people search to try to get at the truth of what is told to them, and over the course of time, cynicism sets in so that when they find a real conspiracy no-one believes them simply because the “big lie” is so outrageous it is inconceivable.

So these searchers are then labelled as a conspirator as this label makes the information easier to handle because the source is given a derogatory title. Those who label people in this manner usually can’t conceive that the truth could be true.

What constitutes a Conspiracy?

A conspiracy is a big lie told to one or more people about something that is patently untrue. The guardians or instigators of these types of lies usually start them to cover up something that they don’t want people to know the truth about. Often they are so horrendous and so shameful that they never want another living person to know about.

A well-thought out conspiracy denial is often associated with a kernel of truth that contains a benefit for the majority of people. A kernel of truth is planted in the conspiracy in case a denial is ever required. This refutation of the truth needs to be easily denied with a plausible excuse as nonsense should the truth ever be exposed.

The Theory behind a Conspiracy

Not being an instigator of a conspiracy but merely a searcher of information who finds them too often for belief today, has read that if you are going to institute a conspiracy, make it a big one.

Make the “big lie” so unbelievable, so inconceivable, it can’t possibly be true. Make the lie so horrendous that the normal person’s thinking and emotions can’t accept the truth as reality.

I see conspiracies everywhere today and it doesn’t take much reading and searching to find out what lies are being told. Google is a wonderful help and ‘joining the dots’ isn’t hard if you read and watch enough news services.

So far, the liars haven’t learned how to control body language and there are always little ‘give-a-ways’ for someone who has studied the art of body language. Another source of information is to watch those around a speaker on TV or video. Those who know the truth behind the lie being told show it in their eyes, facial expressions or other body language.

In case you are wondering, I do believe that Elvis is dead but this doesn’t stop me from seeing conspiracies everywhere. The big lie being told today is about the Greek debt catastrophe and what could happen to Greece if they were to leave the Eurozone. Pure scare tactics designed to keep the vested interests from losing their money. Life either way will be difficult for Greece so they have a hard decision to make to consolidate their credit debt.

Greek Credit Debt is being made more difficult by scare tactics from vested interests who will lose their money if Greece defaults and leaves the Eurozone. How much is true or how much is it just another conspiracy?

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