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Becoming a credit card customer for the first time can be exciting and it can also cause a person to be cautious. Being cautious is a good thing when you are a new to this world. It is important to understand how to remain on a monthly budget you set for yourself, even when you have access to additional money through a credit line limit. Small purchases are suggested when you first begin to use your charge card. Purchases ranging between fifty dollars and a hundred and fifty dollars per month will help you adjust to begin making small credit card bill payments. As time goes by and you become familiar with using and paying in a timely manner, your card company may decide to expand your limit and your credit rating will slowly begin to increase.

Recent laws have been passed that give card holder options to back away from serious changes that credit companies make after a person is carrying a card with the company. This law is referred to as an opt-out law and it allows a card holder to reject major changes and close his or her account. The person is still required to pay off the balance of the credit line over a period of time specified by laws in the person’s country or territory. It is important for people who are first-time credit card holders to research laws and federal regulations concerning charge cards so that he or she will know how to effectively handle any changes that the company makes.

Knowing your rights is important when you are dealing with credit companies. While charge cards can be a major benefit and can help people to make purchases that they would not otherwise be able to make, it is also imperative to know where each company you are a customer with stands on certain issues. Take the time to ask your credit card company about your rights when it comes to identity theft, unapproved purchases or withdraws from your charge card account, account limits, and potential future changes that can be made to your account by the company.

Not all credit card companies will offer information up front to customers, but if a customer submits a request in writing, generally all reputable credit line companies will reply with an appropriate and informative response to answer the customer’s questions. A new credit card holder should take the time to thoroughly research the account limitations before agreeing to a contract. You should consider asking the company if your interest rate will change, what can make your interest rate change, and how much notice you will get as a customer if the company does decide to change your interest rate.

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