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Many credit detection and identity protection products on the market today seem to have decided to address the problem of credit theft. Lifelock is one such offer. On paper, it certainly makes sense. After all, credit theft is a terrible problem faced by modern society. As we advance in a digital age, predators of our credit get more advanced. Products like Lifelock that focus on correcting credit theft or even credit alerts to identity theft have become very popular. The alternative approach to the identity theft issue would seem to be protection and prevention products, which attempt to protect your credit before the attacks occur in the first place. So which approach to identity theft works best?

Lifelock’s approach is their standard $1 million dollar guarantee. They also offer a feature that minimizes the amount of new credit card offers sent out to you. This is part of a program they call this Command Center, which is an additional cost of $165 per year. This also includes a list of registered sex offenders in your area. This certainly is valuable information, although the sex offenders list is public record and can be accessed for free online at anytime. The Lifelock system has many parts, Unfortunately, we’ve found little value to most of these as many of the services included can be accessed for free elsewhere.

Product Details
The basic Lifelock product offers you a free annual credit report, although we can access our credit report for free from any of the three major bureaus once a year. There would be value however, if they offered your credit report to be checked many times throughout the year. They offer Personal Breach Detection services which actively monitors unregulated global networks for your identity information. Unfortunately this too comes at an additional expense.

The Good
– Lifelock website has a wealth of information about their products, including information about their Identity theft protection program.
– Lifelock website offers an auto-enrollment subscription service to keep users safe and secure with no break in service.
– Website offers testimonials and stories from real users.

The Bad
– Product is often times confusing and convoluted.
– We’d like to see all their benefits at one low price instead of a number of add-ons with little value.
– Lifelock sells for $15 a month, which is more than 30% higher compared to most identity theft offers, with no apparent benefits.

The Bottom Line
So is Lifelock really the best identity theft system out there like they claims to be? We’d like to believe, but if it was really that great wouldn’t everyone be using it? We’d like to see some more concrete info and fewer slick graphics before we get that excited about this product. Plus, we’d feel a little bit more confident if they offered a trial offer.

Amanda Vance received her Master’s degree in Criminology from the University of Maryland, and earned her Law degree from Stanforn. She currently works as a Phorensics Specialist in Washington DC. See more of her work at

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