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Individual Voluntary Arrangements are represented on behalf of the debtors only by the government licensed Insolvency Practitioners (I.P.S). You may find many IVA Companies based in UK to help you with your financial IVA procedure. However finding the right IVA Company can be a challenging job as your case would mean all to you when you have no financial backup to support yourself and your family. To get Iva advice it is better to consult an intermediate IVA Company that holds information and records of many reputable IVA Companies. Such intermediate companies often help people with no costs involved by suggesting the best insolvency practitioners available in their town.

Here are some quick steps to help you recognise which IVA Company is better than others who you would want to put forward your case.

1. Speak to an intermediate consultant and find out what he/she suggests. Feel free to discuss all your financial aspects and conditions so that the intermediate consultant can get the idea of the complexity of your case while going for an individual voluntary arrangement.

2. Once you have chosen an IVA company and your Insolvency Practitioner, put all your financial aspects in front of him/her so that your insolvency practitioner can use your information and his/her experience to put forward your case in front of your creditors so that they agree to get into this set up.

3. Avoid IVA companies that ask for a minimal fee for undertaking the paper work procedures

4. A crucial step to look for is that the IVA Company you have chosen is carrying out the complete and thorough analysis of your financial aspects. For insolvency practitioners to guide you in the correct direction it is important that they have the complete picture of your financial situations and all tit bits attached to it.

5. Before filing for the IVA procedure make sure that your insolvency practitioner talks you through all the alternatives possible so you may also have a complete understanding of what you are getting into to get out of your debts. Typical alternatives may include declaring bankruptcy, choosing other possible repayment plans or even a consolidation loan or a re-mortgage plan.

If you follow the steps above, you should be able to find the most suitable IVA Company to present your case to your creditors. This is very important as the correct company will be able to put the correct picture in front of your creditors and help you get over your debts easily. Most importantly, always bear in mind that what you convey to your insolvency practitioner is what would actually come back as a result in deciding you Individual voluntary arrangement. Good communication is the key to have better understanding of things for your insolvency practitioner.

IVA Company is a reputable debt adviser that has helped individuals and companies over the years to understand IVA and get over their debt conveniently. Call us to discuss your personal financial situations to get clear, concise and ethical debt advice from us.


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