Online Tax Return Preparation Allows You to Offer Clients Specialized Services

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While at first glance it seems like an unnecessary expense, online tax return preparation is becoming increasingly popular among CPA and accounting firms. Small and medium sized accounting firms that are able to offer a full range of accounting services to their clients can, of course, retain their work load successfully and are adept at pulling in referral business. However, experienced tax accountants are specialized and costly to hire; most small accounting firms do not employ qualified tax accountants. This leaves them with the option of completing their clients’ tax returns without the proper expertise or referring them elsewhere and losing that potential business.

Give Your Clients What they Need
By contracting your clients’ needs and utilizing online tax return preparation services, you are protecting your clients’ interests while maintaining their business in house. A reputable tax preparation outsourcing firm employs a team of experienced tax accountants who are knowledgeable of tax laws and are able to complete a comprehensive and intuitive tax return, providing your clients with an accurate return that maximizes their potential refund or at least minimize their expenditure.

Value Added Services to Your Client
Even if you are confident that your accounting skills give you the knowledge you need to complete your clients’ taxes, utilizing online tax return preparation professionals give you the added ability to pass along advice and recommendations for handling future tax years, ways they can save money or better shelter their assets. In other words, the expertise of your online professionals can be used to give your clients the best possible value for their money.

Time is Money
If you are an accountant running a small or medium sized accounting firm, your time is already occupied with the day to day tasks of managing your clients’ books, generating their reports, and doing all of the things they need to keep their financials up to date. Adding their tax needs to this will be a large burden on your time. Utilizing an online tax preparation service gives you the team of experts you need to have your clients’ returns done promptly, because this is the only thing they do, as specialists in tax preparation. The work will usually be done overnight.

How it Works
Most online tax return preparation services offer one or two different options; you can scan and email source documents or fax them, or you can use their server to download the necessary documents for the completion of your clients’ tax returns. The professionals employed or contracted by the firm will use state of the art tax software like Intuit or Creative Solutions to complete the return immediately upon receipt, and when you return to work the next morning, the return is completed and either in your email or downloaded to your computer.

The Result is a Loyal Customer
By using a service like this, you are offering your customer something that is generally unique to the big corporate firms: specialized services, all available under one roof. It shows great integrity when you send your client to a different firm for their tax preparation, but you always run the risk that the other service will offer competitive services and you will lose that customer. By utilizing online tax return preparation services, you can keep your clients coming back, while still offering specialized services. is a #1 selling tax outsourcing preparation firm for American CPAs. It provides the highest level of Accounting and Tax Preparation expertise and access to the latest technologies.

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