Paying Too Much Tax, Why Do You Think That is?

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Taxes, it’s a funny thing really. Puritans came over from Britain to not only have the freedom to practice religion but also to escape the over taxation from the King. Monarchy don’t you think? Now let’s think of this, how long have taxes been in existence? Well taxes on personal income started in 1862 because of the Civil War. Then it was removed in 1872 to only be revived again in 1894. Then in 1895 the Supreme Court declared that taxes were unconstitutional and removed the income tax. Strangely in 1913 an amendment was passed specifically the 16th Amendment to the Constitution to make it legal and permanent for our personal income to be taxed. (The Editors, 2007). Funny isn’t it, that 1913 the same year when the Federal Reserve was created from the minds of the banking lords we get slapped with a tax on our personal efforts. Most may say conspiracy; some don’t know who to believe and few will go back to the pages of time where truth will reveal itself. Hopefully then the fire within you to take action will be strong.

I am one to be surprised that my U.S. would think of robbing the people for the selfishness of a few. You say this is not happening, my friend do the research and open your eyes. They are doing this so you can feel “secure” and “comfortable” at the bottom so they can take more from you. Why let them? Why are you working for money when instead you can have money work for you? Why are you making someone else rich when you yourself can be rich? My husband and I were fearful and felt powerless but we believed that there was no way that we would continue to live this way, why would we? We took action; we researched and were disgusted and flabbergasted of the “mafia-like” actions from some of our ignorant congress people and cartels to legally rob us blind. Don’t get me wrong some taxes are beneficial to a “civilized” society. We need firemen, policemen, teachers and the like but what about those other systems that have grotesquely grown and suck the life out of us?

My friend the only way you’ll be free of the daily grind is if you take action and do the research. Educate yourself and your children so you and your family don’t become “slaves” to the “Information Age”. Don’t fall to the wayside because one day you will wake up and think what has happened to me? And you will have no more time left. Don’t feed on the uncertainty, negative feelings, fear and material things. These are the things that are holding you down my friend, don’t let it be. You have the power to be legally financially free, you just have to believe it and it will be.

The Editors, (2007). “When did the people start paying federal income tax?” Pearson Education Group. Retrieved from website,

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