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Why is it that you’re always short of money in a time of need? Your car breaks down, the household appliances give up the ghost, your house roof starts leaking and you need a new PC, where are you going to find the money for all that?

At this time of need, many turn to unsecured personal loans, these loans are simple to acquire, and the processing is very quick, meaning that you can have the cash within two business days of application. Many personal loans are tagged with high interest rates, whereas unsecured loans offer personal loans with slightly lower rates. This is made possible by a group of lenders and banks cooperating in order to form these unsecured personal loans.

With the use of money-saving experts such as financial advisors and the various price comparison websites available, you are now able to find the personal unsecured loan that suits you best, with the most affordable rates around.

Since unsecured loans can be obtained without collateral, the process is much less rigorous than that of secured loans meaning that they are generally processed in good time.

The majority of personal unsecured loan lenders boast a 3 day turn around time, which is one of the main attractions of this type of loan. Each company will have their own process; with some will being more comprehensive than others, including more checks and searches on the applicant.

Most lenders will now have a website with an online application form, meaning that there is very little initial paperwork. The repayment period is chosen by the borrower however it is dependent on the amount borrowed, for example: you are also unable to borrow £5000 over 1 year, for the simple reason that the monthly repayments are likely to be in excess of £500, therefore making it unaffordable for the majority of applicants.

As mentioned previously it is always a good idea to compare the market using one or more of the many loan comparison websites out there, these websites have a large panel of lenders, each offering a different product with different interest rates and APR’s.

One benefit of using comparison websites over going direct to lenders is the security of them; they will only deal with secure lenders, therefore when going direct to lenders it’s always worth checking they have a license to be selling their product along with a secure transaction certificate.

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