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Everyone who has watched TV for more than 5 minutes in the past several years has surely seen a credit card commercial or two. From the sappy ones to the funny ones, there is definitely a wide range of genres in these commercials, but there have been some very hilarious ones for sure. But this does not just go for commercials credit cards; there are some credit score and credit report spots that have gotten some attention for their humor as well.

To note is the FreeScore.com series. These always have a guy attempting to buy an expensive item on credit. Then the store checks his 3 credit scores, which take on the physical forms of 2 attractive men (the good scores) and 1 short creepy guy in a hockey mask with disgusting habits (the bad score). The guy is horrified, but then uses the FreeScore.com website somehow to get his credit score fixed, and a more handsome credit score guy shows up to take creepy guy’s place. There are several commercials for this website that take on the same style.

When it comes to credit card commercials, look no further for the funny than the treadmill guy. Citi credit card has a commercial about a guy who is jogging on his most recent purchase, a treadmill. All of a sudden, the treadmill stops dead in its tracks, and the guy is concerned. He starts to push some buttons when the treadmill starts up again, but obviously malfunctioning. The commercial ends with the guy falling on his back onto the treadmill and getting slammed right into one of the bars on it. Just like “guy getting hit in the groin with a football” on the popular TV show, “The Simpsons,” this is hilarious! The commercial goes on to say, “Protecting your purchases. That’s using your credit card wisely.”

You have been living under a rock if you have not seen the Capital One Vikings and all their old-time Norse hilarity. These Vikings live in present-day United States but somehow still manage to carry out ancient functions like carrying around a sword, having cattle as wagon pullers (though the cattle in the commercial are attached to a car instead), and using catapults. They praise Capital One for their free banking and credit cards, which is how they stay in touch with this millennium, I guess!

Then of course, we finally have the Visa card commercial starring basketball star Yao Ming. This commercial was released at the height of Ming’s fame, so everyone got the joke. He walks into a store and plans on making a purchase, but before doing so, he asks the cashier, “Can I write a check?” The cashier gives him a look and, with a distinctly Brooklyn accent, points to a sign behind her that proclaims, “ABSOLUTELY NO CHECKS,” and she says, “Yo.” Ming, misunderstanding her meaning, thinks she is trying to say his first name, so he stares at her, pauses, and replies, “…Yao.” She glares at him, points at the sign again and says, “YO.” He repeats his first name, so she brings out her manager. Ming asks his question again (“Can I write a check?”) and the manager does the same as his cashier: “YO!” while pointing at the sign. It’s a comedy of errors that sticks in your head!

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