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Many of us want to keep our finances private. This can be for many reasons. This can be that we may be involved in a relationship that may prove to be hurtful to other family members if discovered, it may be that you do not wish your employer to find out you are obtaining credit or it may be that you need to make a purchase that you wish to keep highly secret from a family member- this could a wedding gift or engagement ring or special Christmas gift. Credit is often looked upon as a bad thing by many cultures although in today’s day and age it is very hard to live without credit- this is where a secret credit card can help. Many providers of credit will provide so called secret credit cards. The word secret may at first have a negative connotation. However all this means is that your finances will be kept private- this is a right every individual should be entitled too. Secret or rather the private credit cards can be obtained from most major and minor banking institutions. It is law that if you are offering a credit service that you also offer variable levels of security and privacy for the credit being obtained. One of the first things that you can ask for is a paper less bill.

By law credit companies must now provide this. This will be a major advantage if you are looking to keep your finances private. If you are opting for a paper less bill you will need access to the internet and a PC as the only way to view your bill will be by the credit provider’s online service. The second thing that must be initiated to provide a secret credit card service is that you can request that the provider does not make any telephone calls to your home or business address. They can ask however for a contact number which you do have to provide- this however could be a private mobile number. Delivery of the card is also a major issue. The card can not remain secret if the card is delivered to your home or business address! Most major issuers will however be able to arrange for you to pick the item up from a high street branch- however high forms of security identification will be required upon collecting the card- usually a driver license, passport and birth certificate are all required if picking up from a location other than your home address.

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