Senior Home Purchasing Benefits in Australia

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Australian seniors who want to purchase a home have many government programs at their disposal. Some of these are provided by the Australian government, but there are many more that are provided by individual states and territories. The benefits include duty concessions, rebates for taxes and specific purchases and tax deferments.

State and Territory Benefits for Senior Home Buyers

  • In Western Australia, they are eligible for rebates of their government purchasing fees. The amount they are eligible for depends on the types of cards they hold. For those with a WA Seniors Card, the rebate is 25 percent. For those with a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card as well as a WS Seniors Card, the rebate is 50 percent and eligibility for fee deferment. With a State Concession Card or Pensioner Concession Card, the rebate is 50 percent and deferment may be granted. The elderly in WA are also eligible for a rebate of $200 for purchasing home security equipment and another $200 for purchasing fire and electrical safety devices.
  • In the Northern Territory, the Senior, Pensioner and Carer Concession assists pensioners with the cost of stamp duty. A buyer of at least 60 years of age does not have to be a first-time buyer to qualify, and there are no income limits. The home must be worth no more than $750,000. Land purchased for house construction can be worth no more than $385,000, but there is no limit to how much the home to be built can be worth. The SPCC reduces stamp duty by as much as $8,500.
  • In New South Wales, buyers 55 and older can have their entire stamp duty exempted for new homes priced at less than $600,000. Land valued at up to $400,000 for building a residence also qualifies for the exemption. Existing homes are not eligible. Seniors must live in the house as a principal residence for one continuous year or more. They must also have owned and lived in a home in New South Wales during the last year. The previous home must be sold in the year before the new purchase or within six months after it.
  • In Victoria, pensioners and retirees who self-fund their retirement can have their stamp duty exempted for homes valued up to $330,000. For homes valued at $330,000 to $750,000, the tax is reduced by 20 percent as of 2012, and the reduction is set to increase over the next few years. To qualify, the home must be priced at up to $750,000.

In some cases, the tax concessions and rebates available to seniors can be paired with the First Home Owners Grant and with rural development bonuses to further offset the purchase price of the home.

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