Build Your Credit Score With Bad Credit Credit Cards

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If you have a poor score, do not worry secured credit cards will certainly cater to your needs. A credit card is by nature a loan from a crediting company that you will have to repay in time. If you are not able to repay the amount back in time, you will have to pay a fixed interest. Cards offer (read on...)

The Top Credit Cards For Bad Credit

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Consumers from all backgrounds struggle with money issues at some time in their life. One of the best ways to rebuild a score is to get positive reports to the bureau. There top credit cards for bad credit can help a consumer do that. Consumers have the choice of three types of cards; unsecured, (read on...)

Bad Credit Cards – The Types Available and How Each Type Will Work

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Bad credit cards are aimed at people who have made mistakes in the past. In today’s tough financial environment getting one can be tricky, but the approval requirements for the cards listed below are less stringent.There are three different types available a secured, unsecured, or (read on...)

The Burden of Debt

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Over recent years personal debt in the UK has exploded. Since 1997 the total debt including mortgages was in the region of £940 million. Approximately 18% of that figure is unsecured credit, accounting for about £8000 per household. This is a staggering amount of money. With interest (read on...)

Even If You Have Bad Credit Credit Cards in the Mail Are a Reality Again

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Up until the financial crisis came around and ruined everyone’s credit scores about three years ago, the banks loved issuing credit cards. Credit cards were an immensely popular business to the banks, and they pre-approved just about anyone. Even if you had bad credit, credit card offers (read on...)

How to Avoid Unfair Bad Credit Credit Card Deals

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Consumers who cannot qualify for a standard credit card have the option to get a bad credit credit card and use it to rebuild credit. Nevertheless, not all cards for bad credit offered in the market have your best interests at heart. Some issuers may actually take advantage of consumers with (read on...)

Major Credit Cards For Bad Credit – Applying For and Getting a Card

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There are many reasons why people have bad credit on their major credit cards. As a card holder, you must think seriously about where your credit went bad. Was it by not paying on time, not paying off your balance, by over spending, before getting another card. If you want to get another major (read on...)

Bad Credit Credit Cards – What Are They?

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Everyone has heard of credit cards and knows exactly what they are. But what is a bad credit credit card? If you have applied for a card and have been refused then you may need to find out what a bad credit credit card is. This article is all these types of cards, what they are and how you can (read on...)

What Are Second Chance Credit Cards?

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A second chance credit card is geared toward people who have for various reasons, purposely or not, made mistakes related to their credit card usage. The issuers of this type of card believe that the consumer deserves a second chance in order to prove their creditworthiness. These cards are also (read on...)

Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit – 3 Essential Facts You Can’t Ignore

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If you’ve been searching to find credit cards for bad credit, you’re already aware your selection isn’t as great as someone who has good credit. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prudent and examine your options carefully before selecting a card. Not all bad (read on...)