Georgia Title Pawns: What You Need to Know Before You Owe – Part 2

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Considering a Georgia title pawn? If you have bad credit, it can be an easy source for quick cash. However, there are a few things you need to know before you pawn your car. Repossession Guidelines: Georgia code 44-12-131 (3) states that “unless otherwise agreed, a pawnbroker has upon (read on...)

Why Do You Have So Much Credit Card Debt?

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As part of the research for this article, I watched a documentary called “Maxed Out” which explores this nation’s incredible and slightly disturbing relationship with bad credit debt. The main focus is how banks and investors prey on those who are likely to remain in debt in (read on...)

How To Obtain A Debt Consolidation Loan With A Bad Credit Score

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It is never a person’s wish to fall deep into debt. However, life is very unpredictable, and anyone can find themselves in such a situation. That is why there is need for one to have a solution to it. One of the most common solutions is acquiring bad credit debt consolidation loans. When (read on...)

$50,000 Worth Of Debt – What You Can Do To Clean Up Your Credit

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If you are looking to clean up your credit, you can do so when you take out a loan. Even if you have $50,000 worth of debt this is possible. Bad credit consolidation loans will give you the chance to take out a loan no matter what the score and history is. When you stick to a schedule of (read on...)

Ways to Increase Your Credit Rating

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Many people have seen their credit score decrease as a result of poor money management. They would like to improve their rating, but are not sure how. The information in this article can help those with credit troubles find a solution. Some people fall into the trap of taking out more credit on (read on...)

What Will Happen When You Have Bad Credit

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Growing up as a child, it was always emphasized to me that I should work to build my credit up because being successful was intimately connected with having excellent credit. However, the importance of having credit felt more like a burden than a gateway to success, but more explicitly to (read on...)

The Safest Way To Apply For A Credit Card Without Harming Your Credit Score

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If you want one of the best credit cards, there a lot of choices out there, and it’s sometimes hard to understand what card will be the right fit for you and your needs. You may even be getting offers through your mailbox, though you need to realize that getting offers through the mail (read on...)

Person to Person Bad Credit Loans

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Why Would Anybody With Poor Credit Want A Loan? The common advice, for many people with poor credit, is to never borrow until credit improves. However, there are times when a fair loan can help people get high interest loans paid off, and may be a step towards regaining good credit. The trouble (read on...)

How To Receive A Fast Cash Loan With Bad Credit

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It has actually become harder for an average customer to get a loan following the current economic recession. This is because most lenders carry out credit checks whereby they require customers to have a high credit score. They also insist for collateral to act as security for the loan. This has (read on...)

What Is The Best Debt Consolidation Loan Option For People With Bad Credit?

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Today there are many lenders offering bad credit debt consolidation loans. If this is a service that you are considering availing of, it is important to proceed with caution. To ensure that you bring about a situation wherein your financial constraints are somewhat alleviated, you will need to (read on...)