How Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect Credit?

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Filing for bankruptcy allows you to eliminate some of your unwanted debt and clear you of any responsibility of repaying that money forever. It can be a saving grace for anyone that has accumulated a lot of debt and cannot make their payments anymore. However, wiping out that debt does not come (read on...)

How Will My Boyfriends Bankruptcy And Credit Affect My Credit?

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In this report you will discover how your boyfriend’s bankruptcy and credit will or will not affect your credit. The answer to this really depends on your financial relationship. Here are a few situations that will help to further explain how your boyfriend’s bankruptcy can credit may (read on...)

What Bankruptcy Does to Your Credit Rating

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Bankruptcy is the worst shape of bad credit. It would stick to your credit report for ten years. Many people are befooled that repair firms would help them to remove bankruptcy from their report. But in reality, credit repair agency does not have any magic stick to wipe it out from your credit (read on...)

After Bankruptcy – Credit Score Too Low?

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So your recently filed bankruptcy has just been discharged. What is your next step? Most people at this point would cower in shame and not even think about looking at their credit reports for fear of that dreaded FICO score number. What if it is so low, that I break my computer just looking at (read on...)