Bankruptcy in Canada

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The Canadian bankruptcy process starts and ends at a licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy. If you are considering to file for bankruptcy in Canada, you need to meet with the trustee who will evaluate your financial situation as well as give you an advice on your options. If he/she considers that there (read on...)

How Much Do You Know About Bankruptcy?

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While many people think that they know all there is to know about Canadian bankruptcy, this is often far from the actual truth. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of myths circulating around the concept of bankruptcy. Take a look at the following facts before you decide to (read on...)

Life After Bankruptcy

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Making the choice to declare bankruptcy is never an easy one. When the bills keep piling up, and there’s no money coming in, bankruptcy is often the only option. If you have recently declared bankruptcy, you may think that your life is over, though this is not the case. Life after (read on...)

Bankruptcy Burdens

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Canadian consumer bankruptcies are rapidly picking up pace with British Columbia and Alberta residents leading the downtrodden pack. Compared to 2008 bankruptcy statistics, the total number of current Canadian bankruptcies has increased by more than 7,000. In addition, “the number of (read on...)