How to Build Credit Without Credit Cards

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Are you interested in building credit without credit cards? Are you hesitant to deposit hundreds of dollars with banks only to pay fees to use your own money? The good news is that you do have options, as some companies will allow you to establish accounts without checking your credit. There are (read on...)

How To Build Credit Fast For A Better Future

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There are several helpful ways regarding how to build your credit fast. To help keep loan merchants from bothering you, and in order for you to acquire financing that has a realistic interest rate, you have to understand how to build your credit. The best place to begin with will be to not (read on...)

The Credit Card – A Most Valuable Tool For Building Credit

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A credit card is a small plastic card issued to the consumer by a financial institution such as a bank or credit union. The card issuer creates a revolving account with a line of credit to the consumer. The cardholders can purchase goods and services or receive a cash advance, until they have (read on...)

Emergency Credit Cards – What Can They Do?

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If you are in a situation where it is really important for you to start building good credit very quickly; you may need an emergency credit card, but do it carefully. There are a lot of second chance credit card offers out there. None of them are going to roll out the red carpet in front of you (read on...)

Credit Vs Debit

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These days it seems that we can’t live in the modern world without a credit card. Daily life and the internet in particular seem to require us to have a credit card in order to do many ordinary things. Unfortunately, credit cards seem to be the quickest route to financial disaster for many (read on...)

Can a Debit Card Help Build Credit?

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One of the most frequently asked questions in the credit industry is how a Visa debit card can help consumers in building credit. It is a common knowledge that credit scores measure how well one manages debts, thus implying that to build credit, one must accrue debt and pay it off. Debit cards, (read on...)

Shelf Corporations Un-Cut

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Shelf corps or shelf corporations are typically corporations that have been left on the “Shelf” to age. Typically, individuals purchase shelf corporations to have access to credit that they would not have access to with and brand new corporations. Have the ability to apply for (read on...)

Credit Repair – Who Else Wants Over 50 Items Deleted From Their Credit Reports?

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What could of possibly happened to have a score that low? How about 25 adverse accounts. Were talking everything from collections, liens, charge-off’s. You name it, I was hit! I tried to buy a car, got turned down, tried to get a $1200 loan, got turned down. I could not even get a credit (read on...)

Why Was I Denied Credit?

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1. Income Level Pretty self explanatory. They will take the income that you report and conduct what is called a debt to income ratio. Basically if you are not able to satisfactorily pay all your debt and still have some left over. Then your debt to income ratio will not be approved. 2. Adverse (read on...)

Clean Your Credit History and Keep it That Way – Learn How to Deal With Debt and Creditors

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Not able to sleep because of the unpaid bills mounting everyday and worried that you would lose your home or car? Then you are not the only one feeling insecure. There are many people going through the same phase at some point of time. Financial crisis can be due to many problems such as being (read on...)

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