Build Your Credit Score With Bad Credit Credit Cards

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If you have a poor score, do not worry secured credit cards will certainly cater to your needs. A credit card is by nature a loan from a crediting company that you will have to repay in time. If you are not able to repay the amount back in time, you will have to pay a fixed interest. Cards offer (read on...)

Applying For Credit: How to Prepare

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If you’re new to the world of finance, there should be at least one thing that is becoming increasingly clear. You have to have credit to get credit. “But, I have no credit,” you say. Correct. Welcome to the chimerical cycle of applying for, obtaining, and using credit. While (read on...)

Credit Score: Assessing The Damage

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There is so much talk when it comes to credit scores and how they affect finances. When you have a good score, you have more chances getting that loan you need, but when your credit score is low, your chances slide down as well. Funding from banks have had tighter standards since more people have (read on...)

Credit-Building Credit Cards

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When you are struggling to rebuild a credit score that has been decimated, credit building credit cards can sometimes be your absolute saving grace. Sometimes the companies that issue these high risk credit cards are the only companies that will actually take a chance on someone like you – (read on...)

Building Credit – Discover 3 Proven Strategies That Will Help You Establish and Rebuild Credit

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Building credit from ground up is not an easy task. But with a little education, discipline, and direction, you can build triple A credit within a two-year duration. When you start building from scratch, it could be challenging because you do not have a history that demonstrates your payment (read on...)

Building Credit – From the Basic Foundation to Starting Over

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Building credit, whether your just starting out or starting over, can be an emotional adventure at times. From the initial excitement of our very first credit card, to the disappointment and frustration of when we were turned down, it always seems to be like a roller-coaster ride filled with (read on...)

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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People often ask the question of what is Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are the two most common types filed. Before you even consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy it is essential to research and become more educated so you can understand whether or not this is the (read on...)

Building Credit After Graduation

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The period following college graduation can be a large financial transition for recent graduates. Some may be searching for employment while others are contemplating purchasing their first car or renting an apartment. The reality remains that most of these transitions require a history of credit. (read on...)

Can a Debit Card Help Build Credit?

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One of the most frequently asked questions in the credit industry is how a Visa debit card can help consumers in building credit. It is a common knowledge that credit scores measure how well one manages debts, thus implying that to build credit, one must accrue debt and pay it off. Debit cards, (read on...)

Building Credit For a Home Loan

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Building credit for a home loan takes a bit more of a focused plan than financial improvement for other goals. If you’re looking to apply for a mortgage you want to have a detailed plan, with a time line and small goals marked along the way. This focus doesn’t mean this has to be (read on...)