Buy Here, Pay Here and Build Your Credit

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Many people suffer from poor credit, and rebuilding your credit score can be difficult and frustrating. But one possibility of improving your credit that you may not be aware of is buy here, pay here car dealerships. And it’s easy! Buy here, pay here is a type of financing available in the (read on...)

Tough Times? On the Spot Financing Can Help

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If you’re going through a rough financial time in your life, you’re not alone. If your financial problems have led to, or have contributed to a poor credit score, you’re not alone either. On the spot financing, also known as buy here, pay here, might be able to help you get back (read on...)

Why Choose On the Spot Financing?

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The large number of dealerships and banks out there offer a variety of things based on the different needs of different people. For those interested in buying a vehicle, it all can be a little confusing and a bit overwhelming. So when car shopping, why would anyone choose on the spot (read on...)

Why Good Credit Is Important

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If your credit has suffered enough, you may find it hard to get approved for credit cards and large loans for things like cars or houses. You may also have difficulties getting hired, or worst case scenario, you could even suffer job loss. Your credit has the power to affect many critical facets (read on...)

6 Things You Should Bring to an On the Spot Financing Dealership

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If you’re interested in purchasing a car from an on the spot financing or buy here pay here dealership, there are a few things you should do to prepare for that day you go in to submit your application. A lot of car buyers are unprepared or unaware of the things they should bring. Following (read on...)

Buy Here, Pay Here – Brings Back Small Town Banking

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In today’s economic climate, it is not unusual for people to find themselves in financial situations that may not be of their own making. Banks have fallen, businesses have laid people off, mortgage lenders have foreclosed, and people have had to adjust their lifestyles to meet the (read on...)

On the Spot Financing: What Does It Mean And What Does It Mean For You?

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On the spot financing is a type of loan service available at many new and used car dealerships. Some dealerships specialize in, and strictly operate through this service. It’s a fast, easy and convenient way to get financed for a vehicle. Here’s how it works. Instead of a bank giving (read on...)

Bad Credit – The Result of Unfortunate Life Events

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I have a buddy (we’ll call him Dan) who moved into an apartment with his friend. About four months later, Dan’s roommate lost his job and needed to move back home. As a result, the roommate was no longer paying rent. Dan did his best to get this guy to help out, but Dan still received (read on...)