Form 8949 – Capital Gains and Losses

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For the 2011 tax year, taxpayers who have made a capital gain or capital loss will be required to complete Form 8949, Capital Gains and Losses Form, and attach the form to the tax return form. Filing of the Form 8949 will accompany figures indicated in the Schedule D. Prior to 2011, taxpayers (read on...)

How Do The Tax Plans Of Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, And Newt Gingrich Differ?

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With President Barack Obama picking up some election year steam with some job growth and a slow but steady trudge toward recovery, the Republican candidates for the presidential nomination have found their jobs more challenging than ever before. Ultimately, a number of issues could seal the deal (read on...)

What Is Newt Gingrich’s Tax Plan For America?

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The tax issue will continue to draw onlookers as Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney head closer to deciding once and for all the rightful holder of the Republican Presidential Nomination for this November. Of the three tax plans, Newt Gingrich’s is said to favor more investors (read on...)

End of Year Adjustments for Taxation Purposes

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Most investment moves inevitably come with tax considerations. Nevertheless, one should not allow tax liabilities to be the main deciding factor for their investment moves. It pays off to concentrate on building a portfolio based on future goals and personal financial standings. Reassessing risk: (read on...)

Adjust Your Investments to Save on Your Tax

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End year is an ideal time for investors to review their investment funds and investment activities throughout the year and make adjustments that will save them on their taxes. There are various moves that one can take to save on the tax that they would otherwise, pay during tax time. Some of (read on...)

How to Make a Disclaimer for Inheritance Tax Purposes (IHT)

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Never a pleasant subject, but at sometime during your lifetime, yourself or someone you know may well have to deal with inheritance tax, knowing the rules could well save you a a significant amount. When you benefit under a will you may not, for whatever reason, want to accept it. You may just (read on...)

Warren Buffett Announces Support for Higher Taxes on the Rich

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Warren Buffett, the famous billionaire investor, recently wrote to Congress, asking them to consider tax increases on the wealthiest American taxpayers. The Chairman and Chief Executive of Berkshire Hathaway has $349.2 billion in estimated net assets, and has repeatedly topped Forbes’ lists (read on...)

Spreading Tax Around the Family – Part 1

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Joint income: One of the most basic planning techniques is to make the most tax efficient use of the split of income between you and your spouse or civil partner. The normal rule for joint source income is that 50 per cent of the income is treated as your income and 50 per cent the income of your (read on...)

The Tax Code Is Upside Down

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The capital gain rate of 15% is BAD for the long term strategy of America. Here’s why: a Wall Street financial investment concern can buy a company and hold it for a year and then sell it one year later and only pay 15% in taxes. I’m going to paint with a wide brush, but here goes: (read on...)

Reducing Your Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Liability

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Capital Gains Tax (CGT) applies when chargeable assets are disposed of and is applicable to individuals and trustees but not to limited companies, although Limited Companies do pay Corporation Tax on the gains that they make. Chargeable assets includes all forms of property unless it is (read on...)