Protecting Yourself Against Credit Card Fraud

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Credit cards are so convenient. When you shop for your weekly groceries, you need not look for and count whatever loose change you have in your purse and pockets in order to pay for the exact amount, just pay with your credit card. If you are planning to treat yourself to the latest fashionable (read on...)

Could You Face Credit Card Fraud Charges In Bankruptcy?

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In most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, credit cards make up the majority of unsecured debt which is discharged. However, there are some circumstances which can make credit card debt nondischargeable in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Let’s take a look at a few factors that could make the debt (read on...)

Four Contact Essentials for Credit Card Fraud

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Having your credit cards stolen or finding out that there has been unauthorised use of your credit facilities can be a very trying time. If this has happened to you and you’re not sure about what to do about reporting the fraud and re-establishing your credit ratings this article will help (read on...)

Are You Already a Victim of Credit Card Fraud?

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Most people are aware of the convenience that credit cards offer. Unfortunately, these cards and related information can be stolen easily. Identity thieves can buy goods and take out loans using your personal details and your stolen card. You may not even realize it until you get the bill, by (read on...)

Make Sure To Avoid Credit Card Fraud

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Credit card fraud and identity theft has, sadly, become a very big and real problem for anyone with a credit account, bank account or any other such financial product. The banks and financial institutes do all they can to protect you, and themselves, from this happening, however much of the (read on...)

Getting a Card Fraud Refund

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If you discover that your credit or debit card has been lost or stolen and is being used by someone else, taking action immediately can limit the damage and even help authorities to apprehend the fraudster. But where do you turn to in order to recover your hard-earned money? In this instance, (read on...)

How to Dispute Credit Errors

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If you don’t look at your credit card statements carefully, you should. Not only is it good discipline as a consumer, but the fact is that many errors do occur. Sometimes the errors are simply accidents, but often they are the result of identity theft or the failure of companies to make (read on...)

How to Protect Yourself Against Credit Card Fraud

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Everything that is electronic is nowadays exposed to high risks and credit cards make no exception from this rule. When it comes to these payment instruments, not only the clients can be subjects to fraud, but anyone who is involved in processing the information. Therefore, apart from the owners (read on...)

Plastic Card Fraud on the Decline

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Credit card fraud has been a major inconvenience for many people all over the world and especially in the United Kingdom. There has been a continued growth each year on credit card fraud which means that more and more people are being affected by scams and phishing techniques. Any for of fraud is (read on...)

Tips For Rebuilding a Poor Credit Record

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Not being able to obtain credit can be a huge drawback in today’s world. There are so many things where we have little choice but to have credit. I am not talking about going out and buying an expensive product as such on credit, but something we all take for granted, like utilities, and (read on...)