Common Myths About Filing for Bankruptcy

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As a bankruptcy attorney, I often hear some of the same questions on why the potential client shouldn’t file bankruptcy. Here are some of the answers to debunk the myths to filing bankruptcy. Myth number 1. You cannot file bankruptcy anymore. This myth is almost gone. After the bankruptcy (read on...)

5 Ways to Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy

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According to Dave Ramsey, bankruptcy is in the top five worse things that can happen to you in a life time. It stands near divorce, illness, disability and loss of a loved one. After all bankruptcy can also be considered the loss of love one called money. People who go bankrupt suffer depression (read on...)

Top 10 Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy is everywhere. Bankruptcy affects everyone including, but not limited to, Debtors, Creditors, Lending Institutions, Accountants, Financial Analysts, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, All Types of Lawyers, Potential Homebuyers, Owners of Real Property, The President of the Bank of (read on...)

How a Letter of Credit Works

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Letters of credit are mainly used for large transactions between customers in one country and suppliers in another. Because of the nature of international trade, the specifics of different transactions, and factors such as national legislation, distance, and difficulty knowing all trade partners (read on...)

Who Will Pay Taxes?

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Each April our thoughts turn to the coming of spring and the coming of the tax man. I hear a lot of people complaining about taxes at this time of year. Not just that they have to do their taxes and spend hours pouring over old records and trying to figure out indecipherable forms, but also (read on...)

About Reading Your Credit Report

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There comes a time in every person’s adult life where you will need to know your credit score. Do you know yours? It is often something that we like to ignore because we are too worried about what the outcome can be. I mean think about it. Three different credit bureaus can decide your (read on...)

Things to Know About Credit Repair Shams

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Your credit score determines a lot of different things. Depending on your score, you may not be able to get a home or car loan, you may not be able to buy something that is high priced like a bedroom suite, it might even prevent you from getting a job. If you have a low score, you may need to do (read on...)

Bank Accounts Represent A Huge Credit Score Vulnerability In This Economy

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Banks love customers that maintain regular and expected account balances, use credit responsibly and keep a close watch on their financial portfolio. That’s what we’re told, but is it still true considering the unstable economic environment in which we are forced to balance our (read on...)

How to Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

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A recent news report disclosed that small businesses across Canada are reporting hidden charges and misleading sales practices in their dealings with some of the contractors who supply them with credit and debit card machines. Merchants can pay up to five per cent of the value of a credit card (read on...)

Sneaky Credit Tactics Currently Hurting You

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As consumers we work hard to make sure that our credit is in good condition and that the services we invest in really help us. As times change, hackers are beginning to try and find new ways to obtain our information and debt collectors are looking for new ways to hunt down offenders. So with all (read on...)