Credit Skills to Keep You From Bankruptcy

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As experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we know that people are forced to file for bankruptcy for many reasons. Though sometimes circumstances are outside of your control (sudden unemployment, high medical bills), one of the biggest reasons people are forced into bankruptcy is improper credit (read on...)

Credit Concerns After Bankruptcy

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Despite popular belief, filing for bankruptcy does not damage your credit. Although there are some things to be concerned about credit-wise after bankruptcy, the risk of further credit damage is not one of them. Anyone considering filing, or just exiting, bankruptcy should consider the following (read on...)

Credit Before and After Bankruptcy

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One of the biggest areas of concerns for anyone considering bankruptcy is what will happen to their credit. The truth is, bankruptcy does not damage credit, but missing payments does. While there aren’t many negative effects of bankruptcy on credit, there is still much to consider about (read on...)

Credit Myths That Can Cost You

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Your credit score is extremely important to your financial life. As the main determining factor in obtaining loans and representing you as a borrower, a credit score must be well cared for. However, many people often suffer at the hands of several credit myths, which could be damaging to their (read on...)

Credit Tips For Bankruptcy

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Many people worry about what will happen to their credit in bankruptcy. Actually, any credit damage that may result has already been done long before a person files for bankruptcy. Missed payments and delinquent account statuses are what cause credit damage, both of which are highly common in (read on...)

Steps Towards Getting A Mortgage After Filing For Bankruptcy

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Are you thinking of filing for bankruptcy, but holding back because of the fear you have of not being able to obtain a mortgage once you file? If so, there are thousands of people like you. So many people today are in a financial situation where the financially practical thing to do, for the sake (read on...)