The Pros and Cons of Having a Credit Card

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Credit Cards have been around us for a very long time. It is common knowledge that the first ever wide-ranged credit card was introduced during the mid-50s, and from then it experienced a significant rise in its users in the mid-80s and its increase has never ceased to stop even as of this time (read on...)

How You Can Erase Bad Credit Card History?

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In today’s world it is very difficult to get loans from a bank, making insurance, and even applying for jobs, tough tasks if you have a low credit score. All of these issues can be marked on your personality and mean negative documents held within your credit report. And, at the end of (read on...)

Understanding All the Factors That Comprise Your Credit Score

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The significance and relevance of your credit history is paramount at the time of availing a home loan. Working towards improving your credit score is a continuous exercise but you must pay attention to a few important aspects regarding this score as soon as you have decided to look out for a (read on...)

Credit Card History – Does it Matter?

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Does your credit card history really matter? While credit might seem like an elusive thing without any real value, it matters within the financial world. Unfortunately, before you can make any large purchase (including a car or a home) your financial history will be taken into consideration. Why (read on...)

Secured Credit Cards, the Need of the Hour

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Secured credit cards are very essential if you are too young or old. This would be one of the best ways for a youngster to start building their credit. This would sometimes be very useful for older people who have faced very tremendous balance and have never established the best account history. (read on...)