Other Illegal Debt Collection Practices To Watch Out For

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Credit debt collectors are known for their abusive and in some cases, downright illegal collection practices. In this article, we will discuss some of the other illegal debt collection practices you should watch out for. Unpermitted Calls To Debtors’ Offices Sometimes, when creditors or (read on...)

Illegal Collection Practices By Debt Collectors

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Junk debt buyers and collection agencies are infamous for their collection strategies that range from threatening phone calls to actual credit card lawsuit. Threats of wage garnishment, property liens and fraud charges are also very common. Some collectors go as far as contact the people around (read on...)

When Is The Right Time To Press Charges Against Card Debt Collectors?

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Debt collectors and junk debt buyers are infamous for their aggressive, abusive, and inappropriate collection efforts. While some debt collectors abide by the law, others are just plain stubborn, applying illegal collection practices and sometimes, even crossing the line. If you got unpaid debts (read on...)