Why You Should Use a Real Lawyer to Repair Your Credit

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We’ve all seen the ads claiming to repair your credit. It should surprise no one that most of these ads are bogus: most who post them do not have the wherewithal to actually fix your credit. Very few people have the knowledge, experience, and contacts to repair someone’s credit. (read on...)

Top 10 Credit Repair Companies

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If you need to find a credit repair company, you might want to know who are considered best. Most experts agree on the top ten, if not always in the same order. Here are the most common top 10 companies. 1. Lexington LawThis tops most experts’ lists, and no wonder. They’ve been around (read on...)

Is There Really A Fast Way to Improve Credit Score Results?

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The true answer to the query for a fast way to improve credit score circumstances should cause you to consider multiple factors. In other words, here is a case wherein a simple NO or YES fails to provide you with the most accurate explanation. Both responses have a certain amount of validity. (read on...)

Extra Cash? Should You Spend It, Save It or Pay Down Your Debt?

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With tax season upon us, most of us are looking forward to receiving a nice tax credit from the government. The question is, what should you do what that money? Should you spend it on that “thing” you have been wanting but possibly do not “need”, save it or should you use (read on...)

Ways to Increase Your Credit Rating

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Many people have seen their credit score decrease as a result of poor money management. They would like to improve their rating, but are not sure how. The information in this article can help those with credit troubles find a solution. Some people fall into the trap of taking out more credit on (read on...)

Are Educational Credit Scores Reliable?

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If you read blogs and forums about credit repair and credit scores, you might notice the term FAKO being used in regards to some credit scores. Generally, a FAKO score is any credit score that’s not a FICO score. These FAKO scores usually disclaim that they’re for educational purposes (read on...)

Should I Consider Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy?

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When facing unmanageable debts, many people question whether bankruptcy or debt consolidation through a debt consolidation company would be their best solution. In order to effectively weigh your options, you need to have a solid understanding of how debt consolidation really works. When entering (read on...)

Credit Score: To Monitor or Not To Monitor?

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If you’ve stepped into the financial world at all, you’ve probably been bombarded with advertisements urging you to check your credit, monitor it, track it. These advertisements are almost always flashy, obnoxious, and slightly sketchy, depending on where you see them. Your credit (read on...)

Try These Helpful Tips To Repair Your Credit

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Is your credit report so bad that it keeps you up at night? The helpful information in this article will show you how to begin repairing your credit and become financially functional. If you are currently spending more than you earn, you need to quit that immediately. You you need to rewire your (read on...)

Watch Out: Three Things That Could Go Wrong in Credit Repair

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Credit repair doesn’t always produce the most predictable results. As hard as you may work to improve your credit score, there are things that could go wrong. Much of credit repair depends on how credit bureaus and creditors respond to you. If they’re not willing to deal, you may have (read on...)