Your Credit Report Score And What You Should Do About It

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Your credit report score is very similar to your report card back in school. It is an evaluation of your performance, particularly of your financial behaviors, that allow financial institutions to gauge whether or not it will be risky to have you as a client. Similar with the report card, your (read on...)

Interest Rates And Credit Reports

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If you are currently paying for your mortgage, your financed vehicle or for the funds you loan from the bank then you definitely know about interest rates. Some financial institutions also call it finance charge. It is the fee that a lender charged to a borrower for borrowing. Most often it is (read on...)

What Are Credit Triggers?

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Credit Triggers are notifications provided to creditors about the transactions of their subscribers. This is a fast increasing development in the financial world that is already recognized by the three primary credit report firms. The chance for creditors to be notified with these triggers has (read on...)

How To Repair Credit and Improve Your Credit Worthiness

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It’s a fact that maintaining a good credit is easier than repairing a bad one. Bad information on a credit report usually spans the last 7 years of a person’s life which means that in order to completely obliterate them, a person must spend seven years making good financial decisions. (read on...)

Can a Collection Agency View Your Credit Report Before Notifying You In Writing?

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Charging your groceries, utility bills, clothes, accessories and out of town trip to your credit card is very convenient. However, receiving your monthly billing statement is another matter. You might feel faint from disbelief on the sky high amount that is due for payment later in the month. (read on...)

Negative Items On Credit Reports

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The information contained in your credit report is supplied by creditors whom you have past and present accounts with. All activities that have an impact on your credit are reflected in the credit report and form part of your credit history. Credit history is used to evaluate the creditworthiness (read on...)

Is It Hard to Get Credit After Filing Bankruptcy?

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Many people do everything in their power to avoid filing bankruptcy because of the fear of destroying their credit. The credit industry has spent a lot of time using fear as a way to keep consumers in line. Most people believe that if they file for bankruptcy, they will never see another credit (read on...)

Steps To Learn On Repairing Your Bad Credit

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Do you want to repair bad credit? The great news is that there are many associated with steps you can apply on your own for getting yourself out of poor credit. In some cases, getting assistance from a credit repair company could be necessary but still, understanding the right steps to do will (read on...)

Bank Loans: What Is Required?

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When applying for a bank loan, the better prepared you are for your meeting with the banker, the easier it will be going through the application process. There are some key items which banks will be looking for and you want to avoid mistakes providing them. It all begins with your credit report. (read on...)

The Benefits Of Accessing Credit Reports On A Regular Basis

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Credit and debt have become the norm. If you were to look around your neighborhood and take stock of the homes and cars people have you may think that you are living in a prosperous age. In actuality, most properties and vehicles today are not bought outright, they are obtained through loans and (read on...)