Illegal Collection Practices By Debt Collectors

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Junk debt buyers and collection agencies are infamous for their collection strategies that range from threatening phone calls to actual credit card lawsuit. Threats of wage garnishment, property liens and fraud charges are also very common. Some collectors go as far as contact the people around (read on...)

An Introduction To Debt Validation

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Debt validation is the legal means given in the FDCPA to force a debt collector to prove the validity of a debt. To help explain why debt validation is necessary, I’m going to tell a little story. When I was in school (and we don’t want to talk about how many years ago that was) one (read on...)

How to Delete LVNV Funding From Your Credit Report

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Are you suffering from poor credit health and have trouble getting a debt collection company off your credit report? If the company in question is LVNV Funding, then read on to know how you can deal with it and keep it away from your credit report. Since LVNV Funding buys portfolios of domestic (read on...)