Other Illegal Debt Collection Practices To Watch Out For

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Credit debt collectors are known for their abusive and in some cases, downright illegal collection practices. In this article, we will discuss some of the other illegal debt collection practices you should watch out for. Unpermitted Calls To Debtors’ Offices Sometimes, when creditors or (read on...)

Protecting Your Rights Against Abusive Creditors

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In most cases, junk debt buyers and creditors are so eager to collect that they will do practically anything to get the money, regardless whether their actions are illegal or not. The good news is, complaints about abusive creditors and debt collectors are on the rise that the Federal Trade (read on...)

When Is The Right Time To Press Charges Against Card Debt Collectors?

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Debt collectors and junk debt buyers are infamous for their aggressive, abusive, and inappropriate collection efforts. While some debt collectors abide by the law, others are just plain stubborn, applying illegal collection practices and sometimes, even crossing the line. If you got unpaid debts (read on...)

Dealing With Bankruptcy When It Comes Knocking

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Bankruptcy is not a term that we generally throw around in conversations. It is a term that has a negative connotation to it and a negative aura that follows it around. But, bankruptcy was developed and inserted into our law for a positive reason – sometimes individuals and businesses (read on...)

3 Things Not to Do When Dealing With Debt Collectors

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In the 1968 film “The Graduate” Benjamin Braddock is a new college graduate and the title character. At a party, Braddock is taken outside by Mr. Maguire, who says to him “one word, just one word, plastics”. When asked what he means, Maguire responds, “There’s (read on...)

Debt Collectors Can Over Step Their Legal Rights

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Debt collectors can be difficult to deal with because they want to scare you into paying your debt. You need to know what they are allowed to do legally so they do not go over that boundary. Being in debt can be a stressful situation but to have a debt collector calling you at home and at work (read on...)

Know Your Rights As A Borrower

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Many of us know the pressures of dealing with debt collectors and lenders pursuing collection on delinquent accounts. For someone who is significantly in debt and experiencing financial hardships, this can become overwhelming. Even worse, the number of fraudulent and scam companies have been on (read on...)

Consolidate Debt Online To Achieve Financial Freedom

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Never lose hope when tired with making long queues to repay your debt at a company because there is an alternative way to consolidate debt in an efficient manner that will guarantee you a debt-free life. As such, save on your efforts by using the various ways of consolidating your debt online and (read on...)

Considerations When Making A Free Debt Consolidation

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It is always painful when you are facing financial difficulties occasioned by your unsettled debt. This might be due to lack of awareness about the type of debt you are entering into thus you need to first of all determine whether it is secure or not because they all come with their shortcomings. (read on...)

Consumer Rights: Credit Reporting and Debt Collection Laws

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Consumers should be aware of their rights when it comes to fair credit reporting and debt collection. For example, did you know that you can sue debt collectors and credit bureaus if their conduct falls outside of acceptable business practices? What exactly is considered acceptable? Can debt (read on...)