Common Debt Consolidation Mistakes and Ways to Avoid Them

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We know for a fact that debt consolidation is one of the most popular methods used for bad credit repair. Through a bad credit consolidation loan, people are empowered to pay off their debts in one full-swoop. This loan also removes most of their worries regarding payments. After all (read on...)

Debt Consolidation – 5 Fatal Mistakes To Avoid

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Debt consolidation can be a wonderful gift for a debtor who is in trouble. It is an account restructuring that allows the individual to merge credit products while possibly benefiting from lower interest rates. When a debtor uses it correctly, a consolidation can save that person from ending up (read on...)

The Biggest Debt Consolidation Mistakes You Can Make

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OK- so you now have unmanageable debt and it seems that debt consolidation is the only way out. There are multitudes of debt counselling agencies. Most will tell you that theirs is the very best DMP (Debt Management Program) available and that they will take care of all your problems. Of course (read on...)

Ten Common Mistakes of Debt Consolidation

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If you are planning to pay off your debts by debt consolidation, you need to pay attention to some common errors that people will often make when consolidating debt. Here’s a list of most common mistakes of debt consolidation. 1. Paying off cards but continuing to use them. This only makes (read on...)

Top 4 Things to Avoid When it Comes to Debt Consolidation

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When you’ve spent days with papers, money matters, debts, bills, documents, letters and a couple of calculators that you doubt its ability to function, you know you have got a major financial problem. While all this surrounds you, the best thing to do would be to hand your finances to the (read on...)