Enrolled Agent Vs CPA

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Choosing between an Enrolled Agent and CPA Both Enrolled Agents (EA) and Certified Public Accountants are tax specialists that can supply invaluable assistance and superb advice for people with tax issues or issues with the IRS. Each has their own unique capabilities and bring something different (read on...)

Offering Enrolled Agent Expertise Most Important To People With Tax Notices

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When a tax practitioner attains enrolled agent certification, the best way to reach out with new services is summoning people with tax notices. In too many instances, individuals are so frightened by an IRS letter that they don’t even open it. When they receive notification of a certified (read on...)

Important Figures for Enrolled Agent Negotiation of Installment Agreements

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Collection Financial Standards are used when an enrolled agent negotiates with the IRS for payment of a person’s delinquent tax liability. These standards are the amount of income the IRS permits for meeting necessary living standards. Remaining income is available to pay past due (read on...)

Apply Rules in EA Study Materials To Conflicts Over Dependent Child Claims

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During every tax season, some clients of enrolled agent tax preparers encounter rejection of their returns by the IRS. One cause of this phenomenon is the case of a taxpayer claiming a dependent child after an ex-spouse has already claimed the exemption. Filing a tax return is not a race between (read on...)

Enrolled Agent Course Yields Knowledge to Represent Taxpayer Appeals

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The IRS Appeals office is an independent operation providing an informal avenue for taxpayers to obtain fair resolutions to their tax disputes. A government representative referred to as an appeals officer or settlement officer reviews the arguments of both a taxpayer and the government. A (read on...)

Review of Filing Requirements Shows IRS Enrolled Agents How to Help Entire Family

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Reaching a high level of expertise in the tax industry as an enrolled agent prepares you to render solutions for many tax situations. Often the matter entails identifying the optimal tax filing arrangement for a family. The knowledge derived from studying all those sample enrolled agent exam (read on...)

IRS Audit Warnings That Create Enrolled Agent Job Opportunities

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Tax professionals looking for ways to utilize their high level of expertise possessed from passing the enrolled agent exam should promote themselves to taxpayers most likely to encounter an IRS audit. The amount of money collected per audit has steadily increased in the past decade. Very few (read on...)

Implementing Knowledge From RTRP Training Course Requires Close Inspection of Taxpayer Forms

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The most obvious steps in tax preparer duties are usually the most important. For example, gathering the income reporting records of a taxpayer is a critical procedure. Experienced tax practitioners learn to ask taxpayers about all their income-producing activities for the year. An important (read on...)

Enrolled Agent Jobs Resolve Variety of Individual Tax Notices

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Tax professionals quickly develop a familiarity with the numbers assigned by the IRS to the many types of tax preparation forms. Reference to IRS form numbers is an easy shortcut in discussions within the tax industry. Tax form numbers are often memorized unintentionally during tax preparer (read on...)

Enrolled Agent Jobs – Correcting Employer Mistakes in SIMPLE IRA Plan

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Tax practitioners who obtain the enrolled agent designation provide a large number of services beyond tax return preparation. Business owners in particular often seek the advice of enrolled agents to examine their operations for compliance with tax rules. An example of enrolled agent jobs is to (read on...)