Approved Credit Cards With Bad Credit: 2 Options to Consider

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Recovering from a poor financial reputation is not supposed to be easy, but applying for loans and credit cards with bad credit is no longer the doomed act of over-optimism that it once was. The availability of credit cards with bad credit is a surprise, but is also a valuable way for people to (read on...)

Credit Cards for People With Bad Credit: Real Options Open to Everyone

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A poor credit history is supposed to work against people seeking another one of those pieces of plastic that we all seem unable to do without. In fact, it is expected that these cards are the a definite casualty to bad credit. But, believe it or not, there are credit cards for people with bad (read on...)

Getting a Credit Card With Bad Credit: How It Is Possible

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Usually, the chances of a person with a terrible credit history getting a credit card is considered next to nil. But it is possible to get a credit card with bad credit ratings, and turn your financial troubles around. It is no secret that these cards can have a detrimental effect on the finances (read on...)

Unsecured Credit Cards Following Bankruptcy: Frequently Asked Questions

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When a person goes through bankruptcy it is common for them to feel like their options in terms of financial tools such as credit cards are severely limited. However, there is hope. Even if you went through bankruptcy, you can qualify for a new credit card after some time and you can even qualify (read on...)

Find the Right Credit Card for You: Secured Vs Unsecured Credit Cards With Bad Credit

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Once you have received the news of a bad credit score, it is very easy to get discouraged about your future purchasing powers. If you once had credit cards and now cannot qualify, this can be even more frustrating as you worry about what you will do in times of emergency financial need. However, (read on...)

Guaranteed Credit Card

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A guaranteed credit card is designed specifically for people that have made past financial mistakes. You could have a poor FICO score due to having been declared bankrupt or just mis-managing payments in the past. Many well-known issuers will still issue to people with a poor history, as they (read on...)

Government: $10,000 In Credit Card Debt Means a Life-Time of Payments

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Folks are asking if there is any government program to help them ameliorate credit card debt; especially when that debt is $10,000 or more. Sorry. Uncle Sam was very willing, in the interest of the economy, to bail out Wall Street investment bankers, national banks, and other financial (read on...)

No Credit? Bad Credit? Guaranteed Approval Basics

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There’s no doubt that credit cards are incredibly important and useful in today’s world, and people use them for many reasons, from doing some shopping online to having access to an a source of funds in an emergency. Having a credit can also help you to build up your credit score, (read on...)

Guaranteed Credit Cards Offer Excellent Service

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Guaranteed credit cards are helpful to those with less than perfect credit rating in a world where cards are extremely helpful. Quite a few men and women make transactions with credit cards simply because they’re very convenient. Pull up to the gas station, plus a card makes filling up an (read on...)

Prepaid Credit Card Benefits

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A prepaid credit card is a great asset to have in your wallet. In this article, I would like to take a look at what a prepaid card is, why you should have one, and how to get one. What is it? A prepaid credit card works just like a regular credit card, except for the fact that the money to cover (read on...)