Confusing Homebuyers Tax Credit Leads to Delays and Errors

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The tax code is very complex and can be confusing, especially for the average taxpayer. To add the proverbial insult to injury, this code is changed drastically almost every year. Even the tax professionals and IRS staff at times find it hard to interpret the tax law, and the application of the (read on...)

Some Taxpayers Experiencing Refund Check Delays for 2010 Tax Returns

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Most taxpayers who beat the 2011 April tax deadline got their tax refund checks in good time and did not experience any tax refund delays. However, for some groups of people, the 2011 tax season had issues that caused some delays in their tax refunds. These delays in tax refunds extended beyond 5 (read on...)

Homebuyer’s Credit Available to Owners of Castles and Cottages

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If a man’s home is truly his castle, now he may be able to face his annual tax return without fear of having to pay a King’s ransom for that new home. The homebuyer’s credit has been extended to April 30, 2010 so more people will qualify for a tax break in this year’s tax (read on...)